Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Adventure

It's time for us to say good-bye to Bismarck. As much as we have been talking about moving for the past 2 years, it does feel bitter sweet to be leaving. This is the place where Aaron and I met, feel in love and began our marriage. This is the first place I have lived that I have been able to walk to work and a grocery store. This is where Jake and I have spent hours on walks. It is also where I have seen the most snow and been the coldest in my life. I love how safe I feel here and how nice the people are. I hate how expensive airline tickets are from here. It really has been a very good place to live, but it is time for us to move on.

We are headed to the big city- Minneapolis. After living briefly in Tacoma, WA several years ago, I have wanted to move back to a big city and so now the time has finally come! I love the variety of grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment and people in a large city. And the biggest plus for us- lower airline prices. We went on several very memorable dates in Minneapolis and we got married in Minneapolis, so it holds a special place for us. Right now Minneapolis makes the most sense in terms of location and our familiarity with it, so off we go!

Before we officially move in to our new place in Minneapolis, we are headed to Cambodia. Our friends, Ryan and Daphne are living there for 3 years and we knew we had to visit them while they are there. In preparation, I read the book Cambodia's Curse: The Modern History of the Troubled Land, by Joel Brinkley. This was an in depth look at the people of Cambodia and how they have been treated over the past 50 years. The book examines the corrupt political practices, the post traumatic stress that many of the people suffer from and the slow progress that the country is attempting to make. This is one of the poorest countries in the world which very low rates of education and high rates of malnutrition. This book was shocking to me and my heart breaks for these people and the atrocities they have faced.

I know this trip will be very different from any other country I have visited and I am glad that I took some time to learn more about this country before diving in. I am excited to see everything and take in an environment so different from my own. I am sure our worldview will be changed as a result. Let the adventures begin!

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