Friday, April 6, 2012

Fresh Bread

I love making homemade bread. There is something very rewarding about producing something that is so much better than store bought out of simple ingredients like flour and yeast. Bread can be very time consuming, but I can not recommend this book/recipe enough-

Yes, you read that correctly- bread in 5 minutes a day! This book is full of recipes, but the master recipe is primarily what I use. It is simple- mix dry ingredients in a large bowl, add water, stir to combine and then leave for 2 hours. At that point you can bake some off, or put it all the refrigerator for later. It makes a large batch of dough, so the idea is that you make dough for a week or two and when ever you want fresh bread, you pull off a hunk and bake it.
Want some buns for burgers or our favorite, fried egg sandwiches? Pull off some dough, form into bun size pieces, bake and you have fresh buns for the week. Wants some fococcia? Done. Pizza dough? Done. Naan for lentils? Done.
Yes, I put an egg on it!
This dough is super versatile and so easy! The recipe is written in measurements and weights. I use weights because 1. It is more accurate, 2. You just put a bowl on a scale and dump everything in- no dirty measuring cups to wash 3. Easy to substitute- I ran out of wheat flour once when making this, so I made up the difference by weight in white dough and it worked great. When I first starting making this I had some trouble getting it to rise enough, until my friend Taryn recommended I try using filtered water. Since doing that, it has worked every time. Get this book from the library, borrow it from a friend or go out and buy it! You won't ever regret making your own bread or other bread products, I promise. Enjoy!

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